Schottenstein Center

Sweeping Groups Fundraising Program

Policies & Information

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Policies & Info

Information Needed
Groups will need to come in provide several pieces of information in order to work in the building:
- Contact Name (Median person between the JSC Coordinator & the Group)
- Contact Address (Needed to process payment)
- Contact Phone Number (Needed to process payment)
- Contact Email Address

-Avoided check for direct Deposit.

- EIN (The EIN number is like a social security number for your organization. The format is XX-XXXXXXX. You can obtain your EIN number by contacting Student Activities at the Ohio Union or by obtaining a form at number to filed the vendor form at administration office.

*At this time the program is only open to OSU student organizations. If you are not a student/campus group you will need to produce a CERTIFICATE OF GENERAL LIABILITY. This form should be available through the insurance provider for your group and should name The Ohio State University, The Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University, and The Jerome Schottenstein Center as additional insured for a minimum amount of $300,000.00 per occurrence.
Payment will be in the form of direct deposit .

The following is a breakdown of the number of workers needed as well as the payment per level:

 Level # Of People 1-3 Events   Events 
 100 Level  16  $480 $500
 200 Level  12  $270 $290
 300 Level  24  $560 $600

*In order to qualify for the incentive rates, the necessary number of sweeps and quality standards must be met. Contact Charles for details about our group incentive program.
*The above pay rates are based on an event using the whole arena. Pay rates are subject to change based on the set-up of the arena for each event. You will be told ahead of time the rate for each event

Scheduling will be done via email only!! This is to assure that it is fair for everyone. Phone calls will be taken for questions and cancellations but a final email should be sent for confirmation of all scheduling changes.

Groups should report to the North West Rotunda at their assigned report time. Groups may park in Gray Lots 1 & 2.

General Ideas of Report Times:
- Hockey: 2 hours after start of game
- Basketball: 2 hours after start of game
- Concert: TBD

Cancellations & Call-Offs
If your groups needs to cancel, please do so at least 3 days prior to the event your are assigned to. If your group calls off you may not be offered the opportunity to clean again.
If you group needs to call off on the day of an event, please call both Charles at (614) 240-2730 & JSC security at (614) 688-5999.

Issues or Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns please visit our Contact Us Page to send us a note.