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Sweeping Groups Fundraising Program

Cleaning the Bowl

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Cleaning the Bowl
How to Clean the Bowl

Best Practices & Procedures for Sweeping Groups

Groups will be asked to follow a simple procedure; they may alter it if they believe they have a faster method. Groups will be given a brief training prior to cleaning. Please allow yourselves at least 3-4 hours to complete the cleaning.


Round 1

1. Send 2-6 people around with buckets to collect liquids.
2. The remainder of group will patrol with trash bags and collect large trash.
- Make sure to check all cup holders for trash.
- Don't grab the brooms & dustpans until all trash is picked up. This will help keep you from stepping over each other.

Round 2

1. Send 4-8 people around with brooms and dustpans.
- It is easiest for them to each do their own section.
- Stand in the row below to sweep the row above, i.e. stand in row A to sweep row B. This allows you to see more and get under the seats.
- If you move chairs to sweep under or around them, make sure to put them back in their correct place.
2. Send 2-4 people to follow with mops to spot mop areas with liquid spills and mop all stairs/landings.
3. 1 or 2 people will collect all bagged trash from earlier steps into provided trash truck and leave in designated area.
4. All steps must be complete to check out. Groups will not be paid unless they check out!

Best Practices:

- Start in one section and move around bowl in one direction. This will help you know where you have been and also will make it easier for the Schottenstein staff member to check your area (thus getting you out the door quicker).
- If you have a large group, coordinate your steps to clean efficiently. Check with the JSC supervisor for advise!
- Have 1 or 2 people in charge of the group. This will help keep the group organized.
- Collect all items found (jackets, glasses, purses/wallets, etc.) and give them to the Schottenstein Staff member on duty immediately!